Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Photography Links

     Let's start off by giving you all my current links to all my photography pages that are pretty much kept up to date as possible. Here is a link to my Flickr page. I like to keep (as I call them) the best of the best on there. I also have a Tumblr page. Definitely need to check that one out! And since I'm obsessed with taking photos and capturing the moment, I decided to make a Tumblr dedicated specifically to all the photos that come off (and are edited with) my Samsung Galaxy S3. I call the blog, A World Within A [Galaxy].
      As you can see I have plenty of pages to keep you updated with my photography. I'll try and post more detailed things here and keep you up to date with my current situation as a photographer and pretty much my life. I just hope someone out there will is willing to take the time to read this!

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